STEALTH Device Design

The science of RMT - Respiratory Muscle Trainers, proven and accepted for medical purposes as well as for athletics.  All RMT device makers are focused significantly on marketing to athletes of all types.  The biggest obstacle in using RMT for athletes, is that most devices were designed for sick patients with medical conditions like asthma, COPD, cardiac surgery rehab.  These devices have changed very little over past 30 years and aren't designed to be used during exercise, practices or daily training routines.  Thus you cannot mimic normal sports specific physiologic ventilatory demands, let alone improve on these demands.  

RMT devices were initially designed for use in sick unhealthy patients with asthma, COPD, cardiovascular surgery rehabilitation.  These devices were not designed for use by healthy athletes to improve athletic performance.  

Traditional RMT Devices are bulky to use as you typically have to hold device hand to mouth to utilize.  Certainly not conducive for athletes to use while practicing, training, etc.  Because you cannot use traditional RMT devices while practicing, you can't mimic sport specific ventilatory demands, nor improve upon those sports specific demands.  Thus there are minimal benefits for athletes to use these traditional RMT devices.

STEALTH Performance Optimizer is designed to be worn while you exercise or practice for your specific sport.  It fits into your mouth like a mouthguard allowing you to exercise your lungs during practices, conditioning training sessions, cycling, running, etc. 

Because the device is designed for use while exercising the cardiorespiratory load is much greater than exercise alone, as is the training result much greater.  

STEALTH Performance Optimizer is the first of its kind Cardiorespiratory Training device employing adjustable dual airflow resistance technology system which allows users to breath at full capacity, or dial up resistance incrementally over time.  This allows athletes to start at low resistance levels, increasing resistance over time, allowing the lungs to adjust, similar to weight training starting light weights adding weight over time. 

See RMT athletic Research that inspired design of the STEALTH Athletic Lung Trainer Here

Only STEALTH Cardiorespiratory Optimizer was designed to help you RAPIDLY improve your sport specific cardiorespiratory sports performance via both improved Lactate Threshold and VO2 Max.