Compare Athletic and Medical RMT Devices

The science of Respiratory Muscle Training Devices - RMT- is proven and accepted for both medical and athletic benefits. The biggest obstacle in using RMT devices for sport is that most devices are not designed to be used during practices or daily HIIT training routines. Thus you cannot mimic, nor improve upon sport specific ventilatory demands. 

Athletic RMT Devices

- Mouthguard fitment and feel

- Ergo-dynamically designed to be worn under face-masks

- Minimal parts to keep track of

- Provides both inspiratory & expiratory resistance for balanced lung workout

Stealth Lung Trainer is the first RMT device designed to be worn while you practice your specific sport, perform HIIT workouts or other conditioning workouts.  Stealth RMT fits in your mouth like a mouthguard allowing you to exercise your lungs while you practice or workout.  Thus giving your lungs a sport specific physiologic lung training workout and response.

Stealth employs an adjustable dual airflow resistance system which allows users to breath at full capacity, or dial up resistance incrementally over time.  This allows athletes to start at low resistance levels increasing resistance slowly allowing the lungs to adjust.


- Bulky, can't be worn comfortably or safely under helmet face-masks
- Claustrophobic, constraining
- Intimidating to others  
- Inspiratory resistance only
- Fits only on front teeth unlike full mouthguard fitment
- Not comfortable in mouth - front heavy
- Many pieces to keep track of - 15 total parts
- Will not fit comfortably under face-mask
- Inspiratory resistance only
 - Fits only on front teeth unlike full mouthguard fitment
- Does not comfortably in mouth - front heavy
- Recommended for use separately away from practice, thus not sport specific
- Will not fit comfortably under face-mask
- Cost prohibitive @ $300

Traditional RMT Medical Devices are bulky to use as you typically have to hold device in hand to mouth to utilize RMT.  Devices not designed to use while practicing, HIIT training, etc., thus cannot mimic sport specific ventilatory demands, nor improve upon those demands. 

Only STEALTH can be used for a sport specific lung training workout improving your sport specific conditioning.