Athletic Lung Trainer - LAUNCHING SOON!

STEALTH Lung Trainer Benefits

#1 Breathing exerciser device for athletes RMT device, Athletic lung trainer designed for athletes use while you train HIT, workout rapidly increasing lactate threshold and VO2 Max
Breathing exercise device for Athletes designed to improve lactate threshold and VO2 Max, mitochondria function

Designed for Athletes

Real World Athletes | Real World Results

Real World Results from real world athletes.  We have results coming in from athletes across the sports continuum. 

We will be posting more RESULTS soon.

Real World Examples Below

Lactate Threshold Training

#1 device to increase Lactate threshold, Lung Trainer use to increase Lactate Threshold use #1 Lactate Threshold Lung Trainer

Strength | Maximum Repetitions

Maximize Strength Lactate threshold Endurance Repetition RMT

Athletic Lung Trainer Designer