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Athletic Lung Trainer

Designed For Use While Exercising & Practicing Sports

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STEALTH RMT - Unleash Your Potential

Designed to be worn during exercise for sport specific physiological lung strengthening, improving performance

What to expect using STEALTH RMT?

* Accelerated Heart Rate rapidly during exercise  

* Accelerated Hypoxia 

* Accelerated Increased  lactate threshold 

* Increase caloric burn 

* Decreases exercise-limiting dyspnea during competition 

* Increases MIP, MEP and VO2 max levels 

* Improve competition blood oxygenation

* Delay onset of blood lactate during competition

* Reduce time to fatigue during competition

RMT - Designed by Professional Athletes

 The science of Respiratory Muscle Training -RMT- has proven benefits for athletes 

The biggest obstacle in athletes using traditional RMT devices is the devices can not be used during practices or daily training workouts, HIIT routines, etc.  Most all RMT devices must be used during separate sessions, apart from practicing, training, workouts, etc., thus cannot improve sport specific ventilatory demands.

RMT Respiratory Muscle Trainer for athletes all sports compare RMT

Designed for ALL Athletes

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STEALTH - RMT for Athletes

STEALTH Athletic Lung Trainer - RMT respiratory muscle training Benefits for athletes

Stealth Sports Performance

About Stealth Sports

The Founder of Stealth Sports is former NFL Player, RB Jamie Mueller drafted in the 3rd round by the Buffalo Bills from Benedictine College, Atchison, KS. 

Jamie has always been a peak performance seeker and was one of the fastest and strongest NFL player to ever play the Fullback Position.  He lifted 1,865 lbs for the powerlift triple, squatting 700 lbs, deadlifting 700 lbs and bench pressing 465 lbs.  He was clocked at sub 4.4 second 40 yard dash at 220 lbs body weight.

After football Jamie worked in healthcare with biotech and acute care medicines for a manufacturer and invested over 20 years in learning the business of healthcare as well as patient treatment care pathways.

The genesis of Stealth RMT came about when he saw the number of medical devices marketing RMT devices to athletes.  However, most all of the devices were not conducive for athletes to employ use during training or conditioning and needed to be used separately away from practice time.   Thus clearly an unmet need in sports for an RMT designed specifically for athletes to employ usage while training, practicing, conditioning, etc. 

Thus Stealth RMT was born.


Athletes RMT Device for sports, inspiratory device supercharge your workouts

STEALTH Designer Jamie Mueller